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Buy B2B data from NLNF and start to love your marketing. Let our data list experts do their thing and enjoy compliant returns.

We use our data so no data costs

Provide us with a client brief through our online form which takes 30 mins to complete. We do the rest. We use our data so no data costs. Our tech teams then hack the matrix and develop a strategy which will guarantee you and us results.

If you don’t see results we don’t get paid it’s that simple. There is a lot of geek work at this point behind the scenes but we take the hit on this time to make sure our investment is covered.

If you sign up for our No Leads No Fees package we take care of all of the above and you don’t need to lift a finger or spend hours deciding on suppliers and laborious marketing fee structures.

Our No Leads No Fees agreements are for a minimum term of 2 years after the initial lead is placed and we invoice you for each lead thereafter at the end of each week.

Prices start from £100 per lead.

Our approach

We make the best marketing campaigns very simple

We understand the importance of having access to the best marketing data in order to make our campaigns successful. That is why we strive to make the process of obtaining this data as simple and straightforward as possible.

We believe that with the right data, our campaigns can be prosperous and reach their potential.

Fundamentally, we support the growth of your business.

Client brief

Fill out the quote form (or pick up the phone for a chat) which takes about 30 mins to complete.

Campaign build

We will build your marketing campaign, whether a single email or a series.

Campaign launch

Once you sign off the marketing campaign, we hit the big red button and launch your campaign.

No Leads, No Fees

Any leads generated by the campaign will be sent directly into your dedicated mailbox. If your inbox remains empty there is no charge.

Data Example

    B2B Business Data

    No Leads No Fees Data

    At NLNF, we have built a reputation for providing market-leading B2B data. We refine and compile the best, compliant data from dozens of sources in the UK, ensuring that our clients gain fantastic returns on their investments. No other provider has the same access to marketing data, making us the UK’s leading data broker.

    We understand that each client has unique customer profiles, target markets, campaign objectives, and timescales. That is why we tailor our B2B data lists to the exact requirements of our clients, rather than simply providing an off-the-shelf product. This streamlines the prospecting process and saves clients time and money.