No Leads - No Fees


At NLNF, we strive to provide the best data available for our customers. What sets us apart is that our data is specifically compiled for direct marketing, so we never have to sacrifice our high quality standards. We are constantly monitoring and updating our business data to ensure that our customers get the most out of their time, money, and energy. With our data, you can trust that you are making the best investment possible.

Our Commitment

What makes us different is our commitment to providing the best UK B2B data available. Keeping pace with the changes in the market can be a difficult task, but failing to do so can be too costly to contemplate.

Many marketing teams have been criticised for failing to provide good prospects for their sales team, but we can help you solve your data challenges.

Our priority is getting your campaign to the right person and our reputation is built upon our commitment to maintaining the highest quality of data.

Our Research

Quality in direct marketing data is essential for enabling accurate targeting and ensuring the contact details are always correct.

At NLNF, we only research data from our UK-based centre, which is verified by native English speakers who are familiar with the language.

We take data quality seriously and uphold high standards through comprehensive ongoing training and sophisticated IT Systems.

By investing in data quality, you can benefit from lower gone-away rates, improved efficiency, and better results for your campaigns.

We’re so confident in the data that we offer, if you do not get any leads from your campaign there is no charge.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Cover

Almost all actively trading UK organisations are covered. You can be sure of getting your campaigns to the right people.

Accurate Data

Our data is regularly updated. Our research enables us to provide you with unbeatable data accuracy.

GDPR Compliant

NLNF has consistently adopted compliant approaches to data protection. We tell data subjects about how their data will be used, so you have fewer complaints about using our data.

Marketing Campaigns

Our B2B campaigns can be one-off marketing drives or a series of emails to get your products and services in front of decision makers.

How Do I Get In Touch?

NLNF can help you solve your data challenges; we have the best marketing data currently available in the UK.